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Broad Strokes

Chris Guest is Modernizing the Classic Pin-Up

For our 2018 issue, we were on the lookout for a fine artist whose work highlighted both the classical past and innovative future of pin-up art. However, when we stumbled upon London painter Chris Guest, we knew immediately that the search was over. With a technical understanding of art history and first-hand experience as a collector in the tattoo industry, Guest has a perspective that resonates with both the classic and contemporary disciplines. He’s developed a style that expands our understanding of fine-art culture and reintroduces audiences to their favorite tattoo models in a revolutionary format. Much like the first pin-up prints captivated, challenged, and stimulated the people of the 40s and 50s—Guest’s work straddles the line between sexy and sleazy, but always manages to find a happy medium between the two.

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