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Brooke Lynn – Model Makes Her Debut in the Sex Issue!

It’s Her First Time!

Okay, so some of you out there may not be familiar with Brooke Lynn. Well, you’re not alone. That’s because up until now she has decided to keep a low profile. The key words there being “up until now”. You see a few months back we convinced Brooke Lynn that it was time to break out… and that we had just the issue for her to debut in — The Sex Issue!

Here’s what Brooke Lynn had to say about the experience, “Best day of my life was getting in front of a camera to shoot with Inked magazine. This was actually my FIRST time ever being professionally shot as well. It lit a fire in my soul to continue to model. Also made me want to get going on my full tattoo body suit as well! Hope to be back working with them again soon!”

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Photo via inkedmag