Brutal Beauty


If a woman wants to look tough as nails, but without losing any of her beauty, she is going to have to find the perfect outfit. Well, the search is over as we have found it for you with today's InkedShop Product of the Day. The women's "True Brutality" V-Neck Tee by Skygraphx will get the job done perfectly. The knuckleduster and skull images on both the front and back announce to the world that you are not one to be fucked with. But the lowcut V-Neck and design helps show off the curves and beauty that lies underneath the brutal exterior. You can pick up the women's "True Brutality" V-Neck Tee by Skygraphx at INKEDSHOP.COM today for the low price of $17.56 (reg. $21.95). Hurry up and head to the InkedShop now, the sale ends tomorrow.

true brutality shirt

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "True Brutality" V-Neck Tee by Skygraphx