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Jakub Hendrix is a phenomenal tattoo artist and the owner of the tattoo shop Inkpire in Basingstoke, England. Known for his cool style that crosses realism and surrealism into one, Hendrix works equally well in both color and black and grey styles.

Check out this incredible start to a leg sleeve that Hendrix has inked above. Utilizing an enormous color palette, Hendrix successfully took the realistic qualities of this piece to a hyper-realistic level. We love the dimensional nature of the bumblebee at the top of the sleeve pollinating the flower. The bee is so internally well highlighted through the use of whites in its design, but it is also externally highlighted by the select choice of background colors to contrast with his bright yellow and black body.

While the bees and flowers may be the focal point of this piece, it is the bottom flower and the face it is attached to that really showcases a cool twist on this piece. Since Hendrix typically works in surrealism, this addition to the overall image really allows Hendrix to work in his own personal flair to something already so beautifully taken from the world around him. If it's no longer sufficient to just replicate something from reality, you might as well add a cool image to mix it up.

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 Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Doomed Skull" Shot Glass

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Doomed Skull" Shot Glass