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Cacti Tattoos Inspired by the Southwest


Get Inspired to Ink Up with These Pricky Pieces

The American Southwest has been the muse of artistic movements for many years, conjuring images of scorching deserts, cavernous canyons, and untouched natural beauty. One of the biggest sources of imagery when reimagining the southwest through art is the cacti, a plant species comprised of over 120 variants. Most cacti live in areas of extreme drought, as they have evolved to conserve water. Cacti are in the succulent family, meaning they have fleshy parts that have adapted to store water, however, unlike most other plants in their family they do not retain leaves—instead of taking on sharp spines that prevent water loss. These spines carry out a process known as photosynthesis, which allows the plant to gain nutrients via a process of sunlight conversion.

The incredibly adaptive nature and unique appearance of the cacti make them a popular subject matter for tattoos—whether the wearer chooses to represent them realistically or in a more illustrative style. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite cacti tattoos and allow yourself to become inspired by these pricky plants.

Photo via Instagram