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Cage of Thrones

The latest viral trend of photoshopping Nicolas Cage's face onto others is possibly the strangest (and greatest) gift the internet has given us. Perhaps it's because he was in a movie about having his face removed and placed onto someone else's body, or perhaps it is because he just makes so many ridiculous facial expressions. Regardless of the rationale that got the ball rolling we can't help but laugh at every iteration of it. Cage's face on Pokemon.Cage's face on cats.Cage as Disney Princesses. Or, if you don't like specialization, Cage's face on everyone.

The most recent iteration of this meme features Cage as pretty much everyone in Westeros. A Reddit user decided to fill the long 9 months in between seasons of Game of Thrones by photoshopping Cage's grill onto Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and all the rest of your favorite characters from the epic HBO series. In the gallery below we have gathered some of our favorite mash ups for your enjoyment.