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Meet Caitlyn, America's Dog

Earlier this year an all too common story about animal abuse came to light when a human being had the nerve to use electrical tape to tape a dog's muzzle completely shut. Just the thought of it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. If you don't remember the story, Caitlyn was found in the Chicora Cherokee neighborhood of North Charleston, SC, on a stranger's front door step. Her muzzle was taped shut so tightly that her tongue was caught between her teeth, and she had lost circulation to her tongue. She was immediately taken to the Charleston Animal Society in critical condition. A few days later a man that lived in the area was arrested on the suspected abuse of Caitlyn.

Five months later, as of October 4th, 2015, we have an official Charleston Animal Society update on Caitlyn's health and what she has been up to while recovering from her traumatic experience.

While being placed in an amazing foster home with her new best friend, Oreo the pit bull, she is now debuting on the front cover of the always sexy Charleston Firefighter Calendar. Good looking, fit firefighters holding cute animals? Sounds like an all around win for the people of Charleston. During the calendar debut party, it was reported from the Animal Society Facebook page that "Caitlyn was a huge hit with all the ladies who attended the Firefighter Calendar event and she helped raise thousands of dollars for Toby's Fund which helped her and still helps the injured and abused animals at Charleston Animal Society." With support from all around inspired by Caitlyn's story, many have decided to donate to Toby's fund and to the Charleston Animal Society with monetary donations and animal supplies.

Caitlyn is truly living the dream now! Though many people have asked to fully adopt Caitlyn, she would not be available until after the trial pending the fate of her abuser, which could possibly take another year. For now she will have to deal with taking pictures with good looking people, living in a loving home, and playing with her best bud Oreo.

You too can be a part of Team Caitlyn and help save lives of other abused and neglected animals!

Donate to Toby's Fund or purchase your Charleston Firefighter Calendar HERE.

Donate to the Charleston Animal Society and support Caitlyn's journey HERE.