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Cam Girl Exposes 'Sex Academy' Using Her Content to Recruit Girls

Why Ownership Matters For Sex Workers and YouTubers

Syren Cove is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and sex worker who recently published a video about a company using her branded content to sell a product at a well-known sex convention. However, it wasn't any ordinary company, it was a "cam girl academy" that showed her video in the hopes of recruiting girls into their program. As an established content creator, Cove was outraged that a company was using her image to turn a profit and misinform potential cam girls—but it only got worse when she investigated the brand further. She discovered that the woman behind the post was the creator of an Atlanta-based sex party, which openly refrains from testing guests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. We caught up with Cove about her experience, why she went public with her story, and what she hopes society at large will understand about sex workers.

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