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Can You Believe What the Green Power Ranger Looks Like Now?

Despite what they might say now, everyone watched The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers when they were younger. I remember rushing across streets without looking on my way home from school as I tried to make it in time for the start of the show, as did all of my friends in middle school. I was always partial to Tommy, the green ranger, played by Jason David Frank. Like all the rest of the kids on the show I remember him being a clean cut, fresh faced guy who could throw down some martial arts when needed. I never imagined him becoming a heavily tattooed mixed martial arts fighter, but that's exactly what Frank grew up to be.

In the slide show below you can get a look at the contrast between the ranger we all grew up watching and the man that he became. We're pretty sure that Zordon would be pleased with the way Tommy turned out.