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Can You Guess Who Sarah Hyland Got Matching Tattoos With?

When it comes to matching tattoos, who doesn't want one that defines your relationship with your bestie? That's right, we're talking about friendship tattoos. While romance and relationships may come and go, at least you'll always have your best friend by your side through it all.

The latest friendship ink we've come across is on no other than Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland and her best friend. Hyland is no stranger to ink as she has a black and grey bird tattooed behind her ear, but now it seems like the actress is craving more! Earlier this week Hyland debuted her second tattoo through her Instagram with the caption reading, "What did I do this weekend? Got some ink with my best friends." The picture displayed an image of Hyland's new back piece, a simple arrow going down her spine. Along with her new ink was a slight variation of Hyland's arrow on her best friend. This arrow, also a simple line work piece, featured an eye in the middle of it.

We absolutely love the concept of friendship tattoos, especially when they vary slightly in order to represent the wearer as an individual0 but also compliment the other wearer's tattoo through their similarities. In fact, we love friendship tattoos so much that we put together an entire list of our favorite bestie ink pairings. BFF is supposed to stand for "best friend forever" and with these fun friendship tattoos, that idea is totally realized.

Make sure to check out our favorite friendship tattoos right here.

 Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "BFF Forever" Necklace by Souvenir Jewelry x Inked

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "BFF Forever" Necklace by Souvenir Jewelry x Inked