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Can You Spot the Hidden Skulls in These Tattoos?

Take a Look at This Mind Melting Ink

For centuries, tattoo artists and collectors alike have gravitated toward skulls. Skulls have been interpreted into unique or traditional pieces on skin in nearly every form imaginable—including by way of an optical illusion. In American Traditional flash, you can find many examples of pin-ups and objects being manipulated to emulate a human skull. This two for one design is still popular in shops today and it has migrated half-way around the world to Seoul, South Korea. Korean tattooer Woo Loves You is a traditional tattoo with a modern flair—adapting his ink for 21st-century consumers. He's gone global for his ability to create the illusion of a human skull out of a variety of animals and symbols, including corgis, alligators, and cats. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of his exceptional work and let us know in the comments section what you think of these innovative designs. Time to talk tats.

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