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Cardi B Predicted the NYC Stripper Strike

Everybody in the Club Getting...Rights

Thanks to the Hip-hop boom of the 21st-century—exotic dancers and stripper culture have been put at the forefront of entertainment culture. Today, some of the biggest female stars including Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, Eve, and Cardi B got there start in the clubs—since moving on to excel in business, music, and destroying the Kardashians. But jokes aside, these women turned dancing for money into multi-million dollar careers and have increased acceptance of sex workers by tenfold.

However, despite their influence, the club scene isn't all glitz and glamour. Even in 2017, strippers face work injustices and discrimination—if not more than ever before. This is why over 25 strippers in New York City alone have banded together to strike against the system, in particular, the so-called—"startenders."

Let's do some catch-up. Over the last couple of years, clubs and bars have hired women with large social media followings to tend bar, in the hopes that their fans have come to the clubs. However, dispute helping both the clubs and the Instagram influencers make money—it has hurt the dancers, especially those in urban clubs. To learn more about the stripper strike and how Cardi B predicted the strike long before it happened, keep on reading.

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Hear what Cardi had to say about this issue in an interview with VladTV and stay woke on the progression of the #nycstripperstrike.