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Caring For Your New Tattoo - What You Need To Know


If there is one thing you should know about getting a tattoo first and foremost it should be how to look after and care for it in the extremely important first few weeks after leaving the studio.

These are very significant times for you and your ink, and could literally make or break how good your tattoo looks for the rest of your life.

You must remember that once you leave the studio, tattoo aftercare is your responsibility and yours only, so take it upon yourself to ensure that you know and learn as much as you possibly can about looking after your tattoo in the first stages of its life. This article will walk you through every important aspect of the initial tattoo aftercare period.

The Tattoo Aftercare Timeline

Although no two tattoos ever heal at exactly the same rate, they all go through the same tattoo healing process. We’ll go over each of the main stages of healing and instruct you on what to do during each period.

Please remember that not everybody will go through each individual stage at the exact same times as stated below. Everybody is different and you’re likely to be a day or two in front/behind at some stage of the healing process.