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VIDEO: Red Hot Chili Peppers Ride Topless In Carpool Karaoke

The Red Hot Chili Peppers probably didn't expect to take their shirts off while driving around Los Angeles with James Corden, but that's what happened and it is hilarious. The band appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote their highly anticipated new album The Getaway (available June 17). Obviously, they participated in Corden's famous segment of Carpool Karaoke where they sang along to their hit songs and dished on stories from yesteryear. The topless situation occurred after Corden told frontman Anthony Kiedis he almost didn't recognize him when they first met because he had his clothes on. Kiedis told Corden it feels "natural" to take his clothes off and he feels "encumbered" with his clothes on—then he unbuttoned his pants and took off his socks and shoes.

"You are not going full naked!" Corden pleaded. The host then decided to go toe to toe with the singer and take his shirt off too. The always-hyped bassist, Flea, did the same. And just like that, half of the Chili Peppers found themselves singing "The Zephyr Song" shirtless with an also shirtless late late night talk show host.

The nakedness gave viewers a good look at the bandmates' many tattoos. Flea's chest tattoo, a Celtic circle, was front and center. It represents the three stages of man: birth, death, eternity. The snake tattoo on his upper right arm, accompanied by two dolphins, Flea's signature doodle, and an S-shaped dragon also got some airtime. Kiedis' tattoos got love from the dashboard-camera too. He has an Indian chief at the top of each of his arms, as well as a Celtic band that wraps around each bicep. Large daggers mark both of his forearms.

As for the stories discussed in the car, Kiedis explained the time Cher babysat his 12-year-old self, providing him with an opportune moment to get a glimpse of the superstar changing in the bathroom. They also sing a song they wrote when they were stoned on a beach at 15. Watch above for a good laugh and to get a full look at their ink.

P.S. They wrestle on a stranger's front lawn at the 05:14 mark.

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