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Case Closed: This Guy Killed Marilyn Monroe

Finally, all of those conspiracy theories about the death of Marilyn Monroe can be put to bed. She didn't commit suicide. The Mafia didn't get to her. It wasn't Bobby Kennedy, or Peter Lawford, or Dr. Greenson. In a recent interview, Norman Hodges, a 78-year-old retired CIA officer, confessed to assassinating Monroe on orders from his commanding officer because she was a “threat for the security of the country.��� Apparently, the CIA had information that Monroe was sharing a bed with President John F. Kennedy, which might have been fine if they hadn’t also had evidence that she was sleeping with Fidel Castro. “I did it for America,” Hodges said in an interview. “She could’ve transmitted strategic information to the communists, and we couldn’t allow that!”

Hodges also claimed that he committed 36 other “assassinations”—all on American soil, between 1959 and 1972—and he remembers them all vividly. Among those victims were journalists and union leaders, as well as some scientists and artists whose ideas represented a threat to the United States. After his confession, Hodges was placed under FBI custody and an investigation into his claims has been opened. However, since three of the five CIA assassins who worked with Hodges are now dead and the last one went missing in action in 1968, we may just have to take Hodges at his word.