Cat Named Notorious B.I.G Shot Multiple Times...and Survives


This Biggie Has Nine Lives!

Cats are pretty good at surviving out there in the wilderness, whether it be the forest or a concrete jungle and we’ve all heard the expression “cats have nine lives”. Well, Nicole Crandell up there in Prince Georgetown, Canada began to get worried when her cat, who’s name just happens to be “Biggie” (named after the rapper Notorious B.I.G.) had gone missing. In fact, after the feline failed to return home after two weeks she feared the worse, and assumed the cat had been attacked and eaten by a fox.
However, a few days later Nicole received a phone call from the local veterinarian's office informing her that Biggie was alive, although he had been attacked, but not by a fox. Here’s how this cat’s life is beginning to parallel his namesake.


 Photo via puffdaddyent