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Cat Scratch Fever: This Sexy Tattooed Model Loves his Kitty

Instagram sensation Travis DesLaurier is an expert in pussy.... cats. Come on, get your head out of the gutter! He’s more into felines, and he has a very special one matter-o-factly. His furry friend Jacob accompanies him in virtually all his shots. Some selfies and some professional, either way, he’s the #instacrush of the day.

We especially love this video of DesLaurier working out with his amazingly docile companion. Almost every other cat on the planet would have scratched him to shreds by now, but not Jacob.

The ladies are going crazy over his charming sensitive side, cuddled up to his pal and other equally adorable animals. A man of many faces, he pulls off the rugged look seen sitting on choppers and donning suits. It's kind of like watching the Old Spice commercial. The Canadian native (and his furry friend) currently have 648k followers and counting.

It’s a pretty cute thing he’s got going but we’re more interested in what he has up his sleeves. His black and gray work is just as interesting an attraction. On his right arm, a romantic combination of skulls and roses. There’s some cool lettering too throughout. On his left forearm, a large tribal and he has some Chinese characters on his ribs and lower abdomen. After checking out his sexy photos in the gallery below, go give DesLaurier a follow at his Instagram—@travbeachboy.