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Catch a Sneak Peek of the New Freshly Inked with Tater Tatts


The brand new August/September issue of Freshly Inked is just about to hit newsstands. Before you run out and pick up your copy bursting at the seams with over 530 tattoos why not get a little taste of what's in store this issue.

It's the international issue so we start things off Down Under with Australia's very own Tater Tats. In his interview Tater explains the origin of his funky nickname, why he enjoys color realism and how he got his start. Tater also gives a bit of insight into what the tattoo scene is like in the land of the Aussies.

"The last couple of years in Australia everyone has been tattoo crazy," Tater explains. "The younger generation of kids seem to just be getting whatever, whenever trying to be part of a growing image. America seems to have settled down, and seem to think a little more about what they want, from what I've seen anyways."

Did you hear that America? Tater is calling you out! It's all in good fun, Tater wouldn't spend so much time guest spotting in California if he wasn't enthused about the tattoo culture over here. He is just one of the many artists we have in this issue. We've also got Venezuela's Alex Bruz, Little Andy and Gibbo from the UK, and Hungary's Robert Borbas. If you want to check out some of the work from every artist featured in this month's issue browse through the gallery below.