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Celebrate Sailor Jerry's Naval Days With Limited Edition Bottle

This May, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum will be unveiling a brand new, limited edition Military Wrap bottle just in time for Memorial Day. Much like the regular Sailor Jerry bottle that we all know and love the main design comes from tattoo flash designed by the man himself, Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins. A great deal of the tattoos and flash that Collins designed have a patriotic feeling to them, the eagle emblazoned on the bottle is no different. Tattoo flash like this is as American as apple pie.

“Memorial Day is always an important holiday for Sailor Jerry rum. Not only does the date kick-off the unofficial rum season, but it mays homage to the hardworking military of our country,” says Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Brand Ambassador, Paul Monahan. "While most Sailor Jerry fans might remember Norman Collins for his impact on the tattoo community, this limited-edition bottling allows us to celebrate his time in the US Navy.”

Did you think the Sailor Jerry nickname came about because he skippered a pleasure boat around Oahu? Of course it didn't. The limited edition bottle will only be available at select locations in Arizona, California, Florida and Washington and will retail for $29.99.

The design of the bottle makes it worthy of a purchase even if it were empty... but luckily it will be full of delicious Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Since Memorial Day is often seen as the official kick off of summer it can also be seen as opening day for rum season. Is there anything better than sitting in the hot sun while enjoying a refreshing rum based cocktail?

Pick up the limited edition Military Wrap bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and raise a glass to Collins and all of the valiant members of the armed services.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Men's "Proud Eagle" Tee by Sailor Jerry

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Men's "Proud Eagle" Tee by Sailor Jerry