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Celebrities With Dolphins Is Why Instagram Exists

Finally, something on Instagram that breaks up the monotony of a stream of photos of food or pets just being pets. Look, I don't want to see a picture of your cat unless it's driving a car. Don't show me a video of your dog catching a frisbee. Now, if your dog can throw a frisbee, I'll double tap that! Dolphins have been doing cool stuff for decades, but what's cooler (by Instagram standards, anyway) than hanging with celebrities? Thus, we bring you #CelebritiesWithDolphins.

As with any important thing in the social media world, the celebrities with dolphins game is already leading to some beef. OfficialSeanPenn on Instagram has made some bold claims: "You can rely on OfficialSeanPenn to bring you the pictures of #CelebritiesWithDolphins that matter. Any other account that claims to do so is a cheap imitation and they don't have your best celeb dolphin interests at heart." But the CelebritiesWithDolphins Instagram has fired their own shots, and directly at OfficialSeanPenn: "Unlike OfficialSeanPenn...we're not here for the followers, just to put a smile on your face."

The pictures below are sure to do that.