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Celebrity Tattooer Dr. Woo Collaborates With Converse

You'll Want to Get Your Hands on These Sneakers

It's not every day that two legendary brands join forces to create a streetwear collection unlike anything the world has seen before. However, that's just what happened this past weekend when Converse unveiled their exclusive collaboration with celebrity tattooer Dr. Woo. Dr. Woo has made a career inking Hollywood's A-List, most notably, tattoo collector and inkfluencer Miley Cyrus. He's gained a worldwide reputation through impressive micro tattoos and now he's about to be known for creating an epic line of Converse kicks. Take a look at one of the amazing pairs of sneaks that Dr. Woo blessed with his magic, then let us know if you're dying to get your paws on a pair. We can assure you, the hottest of the hot will be rocking these modified Chucks.

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