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Chance The Rapper Reveals His 'Stupid' Tattoo

A lot of people who get tattoos can relate to getting a bad one, and apparently Chance The Rapper has one that he regrets.

Regrettable ink

Despite becoming a household name and winning numerous academy awards, Chance The Rapper is a regular dude, who, like many of us, has gotten a regrettable tattoo in his lifetime. Although the wordsmith has been extremely private about the tattoo that he admits he hates so much, during a recent video interview with Katie Couric for Yahoo! News, Chance finally gave the world a clear shot of his tattoo and detailed the story behind it.

Click below to see Chance The Rapper's tattoo reveal and get the rest of the story behind the ink.

 Photo: Chance The Rapper/Instagram

Photo: Chance The Rapper/Instagram

Chance The Rapper Reveals His "Stupid" Tattoo to Katie Couric

Video courtesy of Yahoo! News

During his interview with Couric, which took place at the famed Harold's Chicken Shack in Chance The Rapper's hometown of Chicago, Illinois, she asked "Lil Chano from 79th" about his one and only tattoo.