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Check Out this Megafan’s Tattoo of Tyra Banks’ Top Model Meltdown

Do You Remember This Reality TV Moment?

Producer, actress, author, businesswoman, television personality and former model Tyra Banks is normally calm and collected in front of the camera, which is on her more often than it’s not. But there was one unforgettable moment more than 10 years ago where Banks lost her cool on America’s Next Top Model, and now the infamous meltdown is forever immortalized in one megafan’s tattoo. The ink in question features a black and gray portrait of an angry, out-of-control Banks poking herself in the chest and yelling “I was rooting for you,” a moment that will live on in history as one of the most terrifying and hilarious speeches in reality TV history. The fan behind the Tyra Banks tat is Marcus Underwood, a 30-year-old songwriter/actor/singer/model/dancer/artist who lives in New York and is known by friends and family for his “crazy ideas for tattoos."

tyra banks fan tattoo2