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Chocolate Art That's Almost Too Cool to Eat

Happy International Chocolate Day! 

What is your mom's favorite treat? Her favorite dessert? Here favorite flavor ice cream? I bet it is a Hershey's chocolate bar, a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and probably two scoops of hard chocolate ice cream topped with hot fudge. I say this because my mom acts as if she cannot survive without chocolate, specifically dark chocolate. Her "secret" stashes hidden throughout the house are picked at in the night. At the conclusion of dinner she habitually asks, "Can you grab me a Hershey's kiss from the cabinet?" If Peanut M&Ms got discontinued, all hell would break loose.

A study conducted by the National Confectioners Association (NCA) shows women consume more chocolate than men, but not by much. About 57 percent of women eat chocolate daily, while 43 percent of men do. Actually, the average American consumes chocolate only twice a week. Doesn't that number seem a bit low? To the parents constantly yelling their kids down from the candy jar, we suggest you start taking your own advice. Adults are the largest chocolate eaters in the country: People 18 and older consume 81 percent of chocolate annually. Children 18 and younger consume only 19 percent.

A classic Hershey's candy bar from the check out line at the local grocery is more than satisfactory, but lots of people have gotten fancy with the gooey goodness. Check out some of the sweetest chocolate art ever made below and grab a bite for yourself thereafter.