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Chris Brown Gets a Tattoo of His Daughter

Chris Brown is no stranger to tattoos—he sports full sleeves and a couple on his dome—but his latest one is a bit different than the others in that it shows the soft side of the much maligned singer. Over the weekend Brown had a portrait of his daughter Royalty started on his back by Fred Tattoo. Brown shared his still in progress ink with his 24 million followers over Instagram but by Monday morning it had been deleted, leading some people to question whether or not the tattoo is real. 

We firmly believe that the tattoo is the real deal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the tattooer shared a picture of him at work on Brown's back. Fred is a pretty well known tattooer so it's not like it's just a random picture of a guy drawing on someone's back. Which leads us to the second reason we think the tattoo is real—it would be a very strange and totally unnecessary prank. There's no end game for the tattoo to be fake. If Brown was a complete tattoo virgin it might get a rise out of a couple of people, but given his history of being inked there is no real reason to doubt that he had his daughter's portrait tattooed on his back. And given the tattoo's subject matter—a heartwarming portrait of Brown's little girl—there is no payoff in it being a hoax. Know what we mean? It would just be way too much effort for no real reason to fake it.

Fred Tattoo working on Chris Brown's touching tribute to his daughter.

Fred Tattoo working on Chris Brown's touching tribute to his daughter.

So we're guessing that Brown took the picture down for one of two reasons. Either he thought twice about showing it off since it was still a work in progress, or he was receiving a lot of negative comments and didn't want to see what haters were saying. We sincerely hope that it was the former, but given the polarizing star's reputation we wouldn't be surprised by the latter.

Hopefully once Fred is done with the piece Brown will share the finished product on social media. If you want to read some more about Brown and his tattoos check out this article from Urban Ink

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