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Chris Brown Has Masterpiece Tattooed on his Head

Who would have known that Chris Brown was such a fan of fine art? The hip hop artist paid a visit to Ink Studio Tattoos in New York City to have a portrait of the Venus de Milo tattooed on to the back of his head.

The tattoo is on the back of Brown's head, it almost appears as if the classical statue is peering out and watching the singer's back. Fans found out about the tattoo when Brown posted a picture to Instagram. They had to be Johnny on the spot to catch the picture though, Brown quickly deleted the post, according to The Mirror.

We're not sure why Brown chose to remove the picture so quickly. Maybe he didn't want it getting out that he had a head tattoo, or perhaps he wasn't 100% pleased with the work. Whatever Brown's reason for removing the post, King Rico, the tattooist who inked the piece, wasn't as bashful. He still has pictures of the tattoo on his Instagram.

The Venus de Milo, which can be found in the Louvre, is believed to have been sculpted in 130 and 100 BCE and depicts the goddess Aphrodite. It is perhaps the most famous statue to survive from ancient Greece. While historians are unsure of who exactly sculpted the masterpiece—if they signed their work that signature has been lost to history—Alexandros of Antioch is thought to be the artist responsible.

Brown's nod to the classical can be seen as a departure from the majority of his work—skulls, roses, a fighter jet—which seems to be more focused on modern topics. In the gallery below you can take a look at Brown's new tattoo as well as some of his others.