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Cinco Boozy Horchata Recipes

So you're out with your friends and they want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but you hate margaritas. Even though you can find them in almost any flavor, you're just not having it. Maybe you dated a girl named Margarita once and the thought of uttering her name at a bar gives you a feeling in your stomach that's worse than the one your friends are going to have after all that tequila tonight. Maybe that sight of that salty rim takes you back to Spring Break 2008, or as you now refer to it, "the reason I stopped drinking tequila."

So what do you do? You don't want to look culturally insensitive, do you? Well fear not! The margarita isn't the only way to celebrate this special Mexican holiday. Scroll through the gallery below for some awesome horchata recipes. The sweet, rice water drink is not just for your little sobrinos anymore.