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The Color Morale Picks Their Favorite Band Tattoos

The Color Morale is not just an awesome band, they are awesome people. The act has a dedicated fan base. How ridiculously dedicated? There's more than 4,600 The Color Morale tattoos walking around right now. And how do you know that the band is "awesome people?" They sifted through all of them to pick some of their favorites in celebration of their new rockin' record Desolate Divine that drops today.

Our initial favorite track off Desolate Divine is "Walls," though dig into "Clip Paper Wings," and ride the tide of "Perfect Strangers" as well.

That's some sick album art. Now, onto the tattoo art: Lead singer Garret Rapp picks a few of his favorite fan tattoos and comments on the artwork. You'll want to stick around for the last slide in which 3,000+ tattoos create a kaleidoscope of a background for their artistic anchorbird logo—though the real anchor is you, their fan base.