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Comedian Warns Audience Not to Get Face Tattoos (VIDEO)

Check Out Why Shayne Smith Regrets His Visible Ink

If we were to ask you to imagine a person with face and neck tattoos, what kind of images would come to mind? Would you associate adjectives like dangerous, rebellious, or criminal to them? Well, despite the fact that tattoos are more accepted in society than ever, face tattoos still face plenty of harsh scrutiny or judgement. And when it comes to tattoos that you either cannot or don't wish to change, the best option for combatting the hate is either ignoring it or creating a teachable moment. The latter is the defense mechanism for up-and-coming comedian Shayne Smith, who despite what the tattoos might suggest, doesn't recommend that his fans follow in his footsteps. Take a look at his hilarious take on face tattoos in the gallery below and let us know what you think about ink education in the form of comedy.

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