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Check Out Common's Facial Ink for 'Suicide Squad'

If we keep going at the current rate every actor in the upcoming movie The Suicide Squad will be covered in tattoos. First, there was the unveiling of Jared Leto's heavily tattooed take on the Joker. Next, we saw that Margot Robbie will also be sporting some ink as Harley Quinn. Now TMZ has found images of Common on set of the film sporting tattoos on his head and face while on set.

Much of the film has been shrouded in secrecy so while insiders knew that Common would be in the film no one was quite sure what role he would be playing. Most fanboys thought that Common might be playing the role of Black Manta, an arch-nemesis of Aquaman who works with the Suicide Squad on occasion. The newly released images suggest that Common won't be playing a foe of the ocean dwelling superhero but instead a villain more associated with the Green Lantern—Tattooed Man.

There have been three different Tattooed Men in the DC universe and none of them have been very significant or members of the Suicide Squad, thus it was not a character that many people would have thought would be included in the upcoming film. Yet, here we have Common sporting the very same ink that Abel Tarrant (the first Tattooed Man) has in the comics. All of Tarrant's tattoos are able to come to life in the comics, so this could lead to some pretty cool fight scenes.

That being said, as tattoo enthusiasts we are begging the filmmakers to do something about Common's ink. It takes nothing more than a quick glance to see that Common's tattoos are horrible. They look like they were drawn on by a child. We understand the decision to make the Joker's ink look like it was done haphazardly, it fits the personality of the villain. But Common's character (assuming that our speculation is correct) is called THE TATTOOED MAN for God's sake, his tattoos should be amazing.

You can guarantee that if they have the tattoos coming to life in CGI that they will look fantastic, so why wouldn't they look good while sitting on the skin?