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This Company Wants to Tattoo Your Kids

Stories about kids wanting and getting tattoos before they’re old enough are constantly popping up around the internet. This one actually has a positive spin.

Lindsay and Anthony Lane, a couple from Minnesota, noticed that their son Nigel developed a fascination with temporary tattoos around the age of two, and it inspired them to develop an educational temporary tattoo company called Wundercub.

“He loves to examine them, talk about them, and always asks to wear them,” Anthony says in the video introduction on the company’s Kickstarter page. “His interest soon became an obsession."

Through Kickstarter, the Lanes are trying to turn Nigel’s obsession into opportunity. By creating temporary tattoos that incorporate letters, numbers and colors with basic objects, Wundercub hopes to promote and inspire learning “through image-recognition, memory-retention, reading and vocabulary development.”

Another beneficial side effect of this project is the potential to promote open-mindedness in new generations. Tattoos can often be viewed negatively, and even though these are temporary, Wundercub tattoos could lead to children developing a better understanding of the art and feeling more comfortable around the real ones.

Wundercub is over 60% funded and still has 21 days to go on Kickstarter. The company plans to start with two packs of tattoos that include eight designs and come in a set of two. According to the Kickstarter campaign, the first pack is travel (car, truck, bus, bike, boat, canoe, train and airplane) and the other is food (mac & cheese, pickle, milk, ice cream, apple, cheese, banana, and taco).

You can get more information, see the tattoos, check out the rewards and donate to the campaign here.

 Available now on INKEDSHOP.COM: Kid's "My Mom Is Cool & Tattooed" Tee by Cartel Ink (Black)

Available now on INKEDSHOP.COM: Kid's "My Mom Is Cool & Tattooed" Tee by Cartel Ink (Black)