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Confessions of a Pin-Up Photographer

Once known as Frantic Frank of Frantic Frank and the Flattops this legendary bad boy stepped off the stage and behind the camera to capture pin-up beauty...1950s style.

by Frank De Blasé  photos by Frank De Blasé

So, there I was… in the jungle, minding my own affair, when there came a knock on my studio door. Sans machete, I waded my way out of the faux thicket and taxidermy to answer it. I had set up a studio shoot earlier in the evening to resemble a jungle with a nude jungle princess romping in it. That would explain all the plastic vegetation. Another knock, louder, a little more urgent. I twisted the lock on the door and opened it. He shoved past me before I could say anything.

ludellaIMG_6924 copy

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