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Conjoined Twins, Bearded Ladies and Deformed Performers—35+ Freaks From 20th Century Sideshows

Meet the Side Show Freaks Who Inspired American Horror Story

Back in 2014, the American Horror Story franchise introduced their fourth season, which paid homage to the golden age of side shows. Freak Show not only terrified audiences by the millions, but introduced the 21st-century to some of the most famous freaks from the turn of the century. From bearded ladies to sword swallowers, the lobster man to the elephant woman—it's time you met the very real stars who captivated the world. Take a look at the haunting yet real photographs of famous freak show performers in the video gallery below. Then, share your thoughts, opinions, and questions in the comments section on Facebook! Without further adieu, let's meet the freaks!


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