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Converse Debut New CONS KA3 with Kenny Anderson

When it comes to skate shoes, you know you are going to want the best style and design to bring you the best grip and movement on your board. That’s why when Converse design skate shoes they collaborate with real skateboarders to make sure they are the ideal fit for your skating style. This Friday, January 15, Converse is releasing the Converse CONS KA3 skate shoes, the third signature sneaker Converse Skate designed with skateboarder Kenny Anderson. This design features the classic skate silhouette that we love from Converse amplified with CONS traction rubbers, drop-in Lunarlon sock liners, a vulcanized last, and perforated memory foam. So it basically comes with everything you need to get that perfect board grip. And don’t worry, even if you aren’t a skater, these shoes are still just as fashionable for people invested in the Converse look.

We trust Converse when it comes to shoes; that’s why they’ve been around cranking out some of the hottest footwear for decades. So before releasing the CONS KA3s to the public, they took them out for a little test run with Kenny Anderson himself. Check out the videos below to see the CON KA3 sneakers in action both on the streets and on the ramps and make sure to pick up a pair in black, red, white, vision blue or dolphin this Friday!


Converse CONS KA3 Skate Along With Kenny Anderson from Levi Maestro on Vimeo.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear