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Converse Helps You Battle The Elements with These New Chucks

If you are anything like us you love your sneakers almost as much, or more than, you love your family. Just like every relationship things can get a little messy between you and your favorite kicks, especially when it's rainy. It doesn't matter how much you love that old pair of Chucks, with just that thin layer of canvas to protect you your feet are going to get soaked. Luckily Converse has come up with a brilliant solution—rubber. Glorious, water proof rubber. And not just on the soles of the shoes, but everywhere!


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Low Top sneaker will keep your feet dry and comfy during the spring rainy season. Unless you are caught in a record breaking monsoon that outer layer of rubber will do the job. But, in that very unlikely event, Converse still has you covered thanks to a molded EVA sock liner. And if that sock liker shall get wet and grimy it is easily removable, throw it in the wash and it'll be good as new in no time.


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Low Top comes in four different, bold monochromatic looks—black, red, yellow and parchment. They are available for purchase right now and will retail for the low price of $60. Anyone who has spent an entire day at work with their socks soaked would gladly fork over as much money as you demand in order to avoid that hell. Head on over to and grab a pair of the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Low Tops today!

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