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Corsets in Space

There are many ways to wear a corset. Some people choose to actually wear one that they bought in a boutique or online. Some choose to have them pierced and laced into their bodies. Others choose to have them tattooed onto them. And then there are those who have them tattooed as gateways to the universe.

Take a look at this absolutely incredible corset tattoo above. This is clearly no ordinary corset design, though it starts off like one, it extends to something far greater. While many corsets tend to criss-cross over one another, this tattoo stitches around the focal point of the piece, thus opening as a gateway to a space scene.

Like corset tattoos, space tattoos have become extremely popular in the last few years. And this piece above beautifully combines the two trends. We love the bold colors that seem to just pop off of the skin as the viewer gets to glimpse the Milky Way. The addition of the comet towards the top was also a nice tie in, as it creates the notion that the scene is depicting a brief moment in time and not just a static scene.

For more amazing corset tattoos make sure to check out some of our favorites right here. And for more tattoos that are totally out of this world, check out our list of space tattoos, too!

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