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Counting Seahawk Eggs Before They Hatch

Every sports fan will talk a lot of smack about how great their team is but it takes a fan with extreme dedication to get a tattoo proclaiming their team as the best. If you combine that extreme dedication with just a dash of craziness you’ll end up with Tim Connors; Connors was so confident in his beloved Seattle Seahawks that he got a tattoo proclaiming them Super Bowl champs six months before the game is scheduled to take place.

“I got this tattoo back in August, I wanted it even before a single pre season game,” Connors said. “I just wanted to get this to show how much confidence I had in the team. This year’s Super Bowl is theirs to lose.”

Going into the season the Seahawks were one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl so Connors wasn’t making that bold of a statement about his team. Still, a lot of crazy things can happen during an NFL season so when Connors walked into Good Karma Body Art and told tattoo artist Lonnie Moon what he wanted to get inked Moon was a bit taken aback.

“I was very reluctant to do the tattoo,” Moon said. “I definitely tried to talk him out of this tattoo. I said, ‘Tim, people will blame you for being a jinx to the team. Sports, and especially football, is the most superstitious religion on the planet!’”

Moon has inked Connors multiple times in the past and has come to expect unusual ideas from his friend.

“Tim is a comedian/rapper so all of his tattoos spring from some crazy idea,” Moon said. “We are going to do one with a Golden Girls theme next. He likes to laugh and make others laugh, but I shoot down a lot of his ideas.”

The Seahawks will be playing in the NFC Championship game on Sunday so they are close to the Promised Land — two more wins and Connors’ tattoo will prove to be prophetic. The flip side of that coin is that Connors is also one Seahawk loss away from having a tattoo that will make him a target for ridicule for years to come. If his team ends up falling short Connors is prepared to take it all in stride.

“I haven’t thought of a cover up because I don’t see them losing,” Connors said. “Honestly, God forbid if they do lose I don’t think I will cover it, it will serve as a reminder of how much I love this team.”

Unsurprisingly Connors predicts that Russell Wilson and crew will be heading to New York for the big game after beating their archrivals, the San Francisco 49ers, on Sunday by a score of 27-13. Regardless of who raises the Lombardi Trophy on Feb. 2 Moon believes that his friend will never regret the ink regardless of how much guff people give him.

“I don’t care if they blame me as the artist or Tim,” Moon said. “Ultimately, if the Seahawks don’t win the Super Bowl it’s only their fault. Tim is like Teflon, he’s not gonna let these other people’s opinions affect him or his fandom.”