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Cover Shoot: Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi glitters in gold

Brittanya Razavi is a "BadAss, Millionaire, MILF and the CEO of 187 Clothing." We first featured her on our pages years ago when she was in Rock of Love Bus with Brett Michaels, but we needed her back (and her posterior) for our 10th Anniversary. Below is a video of our shoot, the fruits of that hot day and 10 questions with the perfect 10.

1. When did you first get tattooed? “I was 11 years old at a party. And it is so lame but I got my own name on my back. It is covered now. But the good news is that he turned out to be a phenomenal tattoo artist. Even when I was 11 years old I knew what was up.” (She still mainly gets tattooed by Manuel Valenzuela.)

2. If you didn’t grow up in Southern California do you think you would have different tattoos? “Most of the work I have is black-and-grey but as I got older, now I just love color. But that is hard to say because I think tattoos reflect who you are and how you were brought up. It is not where you are, tattoos are who you are.”

3. What is your favorite tattoo? “I love all of them, but I’d say the cross on my left hand that I got two years ago.”

4. What do people notice first about you: your smile, your tattoos… “Come on! I wish it were my smile or something nice but it’s usually my body parts. People seem to enjoy the scenery.”

5. Do you think you are more popular from the reality shows or from Instagram? “Definitely Instagram. Reality shows were my stepping stone, but it’s what you do with that stepping stone. I was able to drive it full gear and be blessed to get the followers on Instagram. I definitely have more attention through Instagram than I ever had on TV.”

6. What’s you non-Instagram side? “I put up sexy pics because that is what works there but the other side is that I am a mom, a businesswoman. People think they know you so well because they see you in pictures but I want to do seminars and teach people how to become successful. I know that I won’t be able to always count on my looks so I am focused on having cash flow when I can’t make money off hot pictures anymore. Right now I have my rental properties, my brand 187 Clothing (it means “killing it”) and I’m always looking for the next hustle."

7. So do you have a conflicted relationship with your Instagram persona? “Oh no. Through the Instagram photos I feel confident, I feel happy.”

8. What do you say to a girl who wants to do reality TV? “Stay true to you. And knock 'em dead.Don’t half-ass anything, go full force—full-ass it!”

9. What is the sexiest place for a woman to be tattooed? “I like when it goes from behind the ear and down the neck. I like when a girl has one big piece maybe down her side. I can’t say there is a sexiest place because it is like clothes: it isn’t what you wear but how you wear it. Growing up I loved Angelina Jolie because she was so badass and so successful but I think all women are beautiful in their own way.”

10. Any plans for your next tattoos? “I am going to do a little more on my legs and then get something big on my throat. Then that’s almost everything.”