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Crafty Collaboration

Today's skull of the day is this awesome tattoo collaboration between Aaron Springs and Dannii G! Springs is best known for his bright and beautiful New School work done at Red Dagger Tattoo in Texas. Dannii G, also located in Texas, works out of Perception Fine Body Art with a style more focused on the classic American traditional aesthetic.

For this insane tattoo collaboration, we get to see the best of both Springs and Dannii G's worlds. Beginning with the two roses featured, it is clear to see that the one on the right upholds more of the shading techniques used in New School tattooing, as it depicts way more depth than the traditional-inspired left rose, which placed a heavier focus on bold outlines and the use of solid black. This same dynamic is then brought into the actual skull itself.

Almost like a cool patchwork quilt, this skull comes together by fusing both Springs and Dannii G's styles together. The jaw seamlessly fades from a flat traditional piece to a heavily highlighted New School style. The top half of the skull is a little more obvious, as there is an actual seam or line that depicts the style switch. This time, however, it is the left side of the piece that is more New School and the right side that is more traditional, thus reflecting opposite styles to compliment their respective roses.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Sugar Skull" Stainless Steel Tea Spoon

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Sugar Skull" Stainless Steel Tea Spoon