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Crazy Coffee Art Part 2

You will never want to drink this coffee, and then you will.

If your favorite morning brew was served as a colorful, foamy and sometimes animated drawing, you'd debate taking that first sip. Then, of course, you'd realize ten minutes (or less) into the early workday that preserving the dainty, caffeinated art simply won't do, and would in fact be put to much better use running through your bloodstream, yielding a quick snapshot for a "latergram" during lunch. By now you may have seen Inked's first Coffee Art list, featuring the faces of Albert Einstein, Darth Vader, and Breaking Bad's Walter White (click here for Breaking Bad tattoos). In the following gallery, we're serving up some of your favorite cartoons, kittens, and more. Chances are your coffee didn't look this pretty this morning, but we're betting it did the job.