Crazy New Teenage Challenge - Condom Snorting


When Boredom Takes Over

And...they’re doing it again. Teenagers all over the country now joining the “condom snorting challenge,” another dangerous trend which became popular on YouTube after the “Tide Pod challenge,” which made the news not too long ago.

According to NBC12, teenagers are unwrapping the condom, snorting it through the nostril until it comes out again through the pharynx (the part behind the nose and mouth, that connects both to the esophagus) and then pulling it out of their mouth.

Although crazy, it is not as crazy or popular (yet) as all those other dangerous challenges teenagers came up with over the years. Such as the “Duct Tape challenge,” where someone gets duct taped to a pole and left to “die” so to speak. Or the “salt and ice challenge," where teenagers give oneself or each other 2nd and third-degree burns, or the “Butt chugging challenge," where teenagers inserting alcohol into their rectum to get drunk quicker.

So how much crazier is the “condom snorting challenge,” than the “Tide Pod challenge,” or the “cinnamon challenge” you think?


Photo via The Daily Beast