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Creep off a Leash

The Creepshow has been rockin’ its audience for eight years with their horror-inspired psychobilly, punk-rock sound. They have recently taken on new front woman Kenda “Twisted” Legaspi and she’s a force to be reckoned with. In “Sinners & Saints” a song on their upcoming album, Life After Death, Kenda sings, “Doin’ the best to behave as I should/But it’s easier being bad than it is to be good.” Not only can the stunning beauty belt out a tune, but she’s also a bombshell pin-up model and former tattoo artist. Kenda’s gritty voice is dangerously addicting and her words will rock your soul. Their new album came out just in time for Halloween party tonight.

Kenda “Twisted” Legaspi, the lead vocalist for The Creepshow, gives up all the gory details from her crazy alter ego to what makes her scream.

How did you acquire the “Twisted” nickname?

I was actually surprised by the name. I guess someone who created our band page on Wikipedia gave me the name. I asked a few people why and they told me it’s because I climb things on stage and go crazy.

You also have an alias named Betty Buckley. Tell me about her and who she is.

Betty Buckley is my pinup name. I used to do modeling for a calendar called “Pin-Up 4A Cure.” It’s about raising awareness for cancer and other illnesses. All of the proceeds from the calendars go towards the fund for the illness. Betty Buckley is my wild and fun side. When I’m going crazy on stage it’s like I’m another person. It allows me to get everything off my mind and be someone else for a day.

The Creepshow draws its inspiration from horror films, what are your top favorite flicks?

Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky, and It. I also like a lot of the old school horror films like Frankenstein and Dracula.

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Lately I’ve been really into Mortal Kombat. Kitana was always my favorite because she’s a girl that battles with herself in terms of being good or evil. The man she thinks is her father actually murdered her real dad and then married her mother. She’s raised to be evil, but then she figures out who her real dad is. She begins to struggles with herself about whether she wants to follow in the footsteps of her real dad and be good, or to continue to be evil like her fake father. I think that’s kind of cool.

Do you ever dress up at shows for Halloween?

Last year before a show we tried to, but it was very last minute. Everyone used to say that I looked like Cassandra from Wayne’s World when I had long black hair so I though maybe I could just play off that. Daniel ended up dressing like a pirate and I didn’t know what to dress up as so I just died my hair red. Everyone ended up calling me Rufio all night.

If you could be any monster or character from a horror film who would it be?

Dracula, because he lives in a castle and all he does is sleep during the day and that’s usually what happens on tour. I’m essentially already like a vampire. I like the fact that I could turn into a bat and fly off whenever I please. I also wouldn’t have to go grocery shopping. It would be more convenient for the band if we were all vampires because we wouldn’t have to drive or pay for flights while on tour. We could just fly right over.

If you could have anything engraved on your tombstone what would it be?

YOLO, no I’m just kidding. My tombstone would say, “Every rough path is a path that can make you a better person, but only if you want it to.” I’m a strong believer in seeing through all the negatives in life and trying to make life better because of them. There’s a lot of negative crap out there and you have to be aware of it, but be aware that there’s good that can come out of it too.