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The Creepy Makeup Transformations of Made Yew Look by Lex

If you're familiar with the special effects makeup community of Youtube you know horror fanatic Alexys Fleming, or as she is more commonly know, Made Yew Look by Lex. Lex has been on Youtube since 2011, creating over the top body painting looks that bring Halloween to the next level. Devising her techniques from the characters and monsters that she saw in horror movies, Lex has brought special effects makeup to the mainstream through her in depth tutorials and new line of make up products. The great thing about those who have kept up with Lex's videos is watching her improve, she works extremely hard to be even better for her fans and to make it big in the beauty industry. What sets Lex apart from other special effects artists is that she can find inspiration from anything—Snapchat filters, newly released television shows, even her type 1 diabetes—and make beautiful and wearable art. Still not intrigued? Check out some of Lex's most jaw dropping looks before you paint an impression of her.