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Insane Rock Album Art & New Crobot Album


If you have been within five blocks of the Inked office you have heard Crobot's new album "Welcome to Fat City" because we have been blasting it all week, with no intent of stopping. Fat City is an upbeat metal rocker with an onslaught of sick riffs and an overall funkiness that you'll feel in your noggin.

According to Billboard the name of the album was inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's failed mayoral campaign in Aspen. "He wanted to rename the popular ski destination 'Fat City' to drive away developers and real estate investors. The band adopts a similar creed to keep hard rock weird by creating a 'Fat City' of their own, albeit one that exists on an entirely different planet."

Yup, Fat City exists on a different plane(t) as does the cool album cover art that would make Dr. Gonzo chortle. All the Crobot album covers are created by the warped mind of their guitarist Chris Bishop who sometimes trades the pick for a tattoo machine (the boys even got their shitty caricatures inked on each other by Bishop).

You can cop the Fat City vinyl with a tee and a trippy mug on their website for less than a price of a flash tattoo. And while you wait for the record to arrive stream it below and check out Bishop's picks of favorite rock art below. Be aware, if you are at work, you will start drumming on your desk. You've been warned.

Chris Bishop's Most Coveted Rock Art

meir album cover

John Baizley- Kvelertek "Meir"

John Baizley became one of my favorite artists after I did a sleeve of many of his works compiled onto my buddy. I love all the stuff he's done, Baroness covers, Pig Destroyer as well, but my favorite piece that he has done was the Kvlertek album cover for their 2013 album "Meir". I love the art nouveau feel with weirdness of the bird shit everywhere... Love it.I picked up this print at flatstock a few years back in a wacky teal green and yellow color scheme.


Richey Beckett - Grateful Dead "Soldier Field"

I'm not necessarily a Grateful Dead fan, but this is definitely one of my favorite posters to date. Everything Richey Beckett is gold but this one kills it. I love the full figure of the woman and the ornate detail in all the flowers and decorative leaves. The lettering is detailed but not over done. This poster is all brought together with his killer choices of contrasting color. Good stuff Mr. Beckett.


Phil Guy- Mastodon's World Tour 2014 show poster/shirt

I think my favorite part of Phil's style is his humor in it. Some of his stuff is almost garbage pail kids looking. But this mastodon design is my favorite by him. The six titted snake woman and snake charmer. Need I say more.


Skinner- Mastodon "Once More 'Round the Sun"

This dudes art is tripped out, and I love it. I like to think of his style as a if Alex Grey painted more monsters and blood and guts and stuff. I look at is and it makes me wanna drink beer. He did the latest Mastodon album and it's was a Homerun. Great album but even better artwork. My favorite is how the art is laid out. Super long landscape for the front and back gatefold. Tons of stuff going on to keep your attention... Much like Mastodon.


Charles Moran- Melvins "Carboro, NC show"

This guy is a local artist who does some killer show posters from back in PA. He did one for us when we played with Clutch and Valkyrie at the electric factory in Philly. My favorite though is the Melvins show poster he did. It's this naked chick with the head of like a dinosaur riding this goat things with skulls on stakes all around... Cannibal Holocaust style. Oh and did I mention it's pink. Super awesome.