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Cuh Boom! The Sexiest Sith Lord You Will Ever See!

She is Blowin’ Up Instagram!

Christie Jay, or as she’s is known on Instagram as cuh_booom, is a versatile young woman. According to her bio she splits her time up between flying around the world as an internationally published model and a full-time Sith Lord. Well, we know for a fact that there are two others, make that three, other bits of pop culture that consume Christie’s waking hours. That would be, pizza, tacos and cosplaying.
Oh wait, we forgot about her being a serious tattoo collector, with incredible work all over her body; including an awesome back piece and a now iconic under boob/stomach piece — the white owl.
Here’s a chance to get a glimpse of the sexiest Sith Lord you will ever see!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 4.25.47 PM

 Photo via Cuh_Booom