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#Curvy is Back on Instagram!

Last week the powers that be over at Instagram decided it was a good idea to ban the hashtag "Curvy." Spokespeople said that the ban was enacted in order to curb the amount of explicit material that was being posted on the social media site. Naturally, and deservedly so, this caused people to be up in arms. People are going to post explicit things on social media, it's just what people do. Every time something gets invented it isn't long until someone finds a way to use it for porn. But the real reason people were upset was that oftentimes people use #curvy as a way of promoting healthy body types and felt like they were being singled out by the ban. While there are some people that post dirty pictures with #curvy there are hundreds of other, far more explicit hashtags that get used that weren't banned.

Of course, it's silly to argue about all of this now because our long national nightmare is over, #curvy is back! In celebration of the hashtag's return we went and found our favorite images of curvy tattooed women that showed up on Instagram today. We're guessing you'll enjoy them as much as we did.