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This Dad’s Reaction to His Daughter’s Tattoo is Priceless

When Ann, a visual arts student known on social media as Teenage Puppy, posted a photo of her new arm tattoo to Twitter, her father reacted in a hilarious way that has since gone viral, and for good reason. The tattoo in question is a small piece inked on the outside of the teen’s right forearm featuring an image of a knife, and, about two weeks after debuting the tattoo online for the first time, Ann followed up her original post with the message: “My dad finally found out about my tattoo and won’t stop giving me shit for it.” But wait until you find out how, exactly, he went about giving her this so-called shit.

teen's knife tattoo2

Ann’s original tattoo photo was uploaded to Instagram on Friday, May 13, just moments after the knife was inked on her arm, and the teen captioned the photo appropriately: “Happy Friday the 13th.” In the photo, Anne’s knife tattoo is still covered in cling wrap and is obviously brand new. The follow-up post was uploaded to Twitter on May 26, about two weeks later, and features a collection of several photos, including a snap of Ann’s healed knife tattoo and photos sent to her by her dad, Rick, who obviously has an incredible sense of humor and isn’t the least bit afraid to make fun of his daughter for her choice of tattoos.

teen's knife tattoo3

In one of the Twitter photos, Rick can be seen wearing a blue and white button-down shirt, a coy expression on his face, and, most importantly, a real steak knife balanced on his forearm, in almost the same spot as his daughter’s knife tattoo. In another photo, Rick has the knife leaning against his arm while he holds another knife to his ear like a telephone, obviously making fun of the unique ink. Unlike other parents who may have been upset by their teenage daughter’s decision to get a tattoo, especially a tattoo of a knife, it’s kind of refreshing to see a dad who is able to good-naturedly tease his daughter.

Since sharing the photos of her dad poking fun at her new tattoo, Ann’s tweet has gone viral, receiving more than 42,000 retweets and thousands of comments from people who have nothing but appreciation and admiration for Rick’s tongue-in-cheek response to his daughter’s ink. Says one Twitter user, “It’s funny because my dad would be exactly the same.” Says another, “I love your dad for this lol.” Perhaps you would have approached this situation differently, but, then, you wouldn’t have gone viral, would you have?

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