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Dame Judi Dench Gets Her First Ink at 81

We are happy to announce that we can now call the remarkable Judi Dench one of us! The beloved screen icon joined the ranks of the tattooed when she had the phrase "Carpe Diem" tattooed on to her right wrist as an 81st birthday present from her daughter Finty Williams, according to Vanity Fair

In an interview with Surrey Life Dench explains the motivation behind finally getting tattooed after waiting so many years. "That’s my motto: seize the day," Dench explains. "Finty gave it to me for my 81st birthday—she’s wonderful with surprises."

Dench has hinted at getting inked in previous interviews but didn't pull the trigger until just now. Of course, she was already renowned for a fake tattoo that she showed off years ago in what has gone down as a legendary Hollywood prank. Dench revealed in a speech that she had movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's name tattooed one her posterior as a sign of gratitude for casting the actress in Mrs. Brown. Later on, after a little help from a makeup artist, Dench shoed off the "tattoo" to Weinstein, much to his surprise.

Today the Hollywood icon showed us that it's never too late to get your first tattoo. We not only adore the tasteful "Carpe Diem" script on her wrist, but also love that the tattoo was a birthday gift from her daughter. Tattoos are such a wonderful way for families to bond. Now that Dench has popped her tattoo cherry we're looking forward to see if the beloved actress adds any more ink to her collection.

One also has to consider the ramifications this tattoo will have on anybody trying to convince their parents/significant other/employer that tattoos are classy. Dame Judi Dench is the classiest woman on the face of this Earth! If she has a tattoo it is definitive proof that tattoos are classy. So kudos to you Ms. Dench, and welcome to the ranks of the tattooed.

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