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Damn, Daniel! Back Again with that Pop Culture Tattoo!

Damn, Daniel! By now those two words have been lasered into the psyche of us all thanks to one of the more ridiculous viral videos we've ever seen. It was only a matter of time before someone went and got a tattoo based on the meme, but we were shocked to learn that it would be the same Internet savvy fella that was tattooed with "The Dress" last year.

Daniel Howland, a piercer at Platinum Ink in Austin, Texas, just couldn't help himself from getting the phrase inked along with a little white Vans sneaker over the weekend. As his artists Drew Cottom said on Instagram, "When YouTube videos go viral you can always count on @danielhowland to get it tattooed."

We like that there were a couple of concepts of the tattoo before it ended up being final. Originally Cottom drew up a version with a Vans Authentic as the model for the shoe. Turns out that Howland is more of a Classic Slip On man, and that's the shoe that ends up in the tattoo.

For those of you who have been living without internet access for the last two weeks we'll try our best to explain the Damn Daniel craze. Daniel Lara, a 14-year-old high school student, was filmed by his buddy Josh Holz. In the series of Snapchat videos Holz would exclaim excitedly "Damn, Daniel!" as Lara walked past the camera showing off his outfit for the day, the highlight of which was often his white Vans. As the silly video went viral the shoe company couldn't help but notice the abundance of free attention they were receiving and hooked Lara up with a lifetime supply of free white Vans.

Now that Howland has proven himself as the go-to guy for ridiculous (albeit hilarious) meme tattoos, we can't help but wonder what will be the next trending topic to end up permanently etched in his skin. One has to think that this meme had a better chance than most memes to end up in Howland's tattoo collection, his name is Daniel after all. So, friends of the interwebs, if you want your meme to end up a tattoo cater towards Howland's personal taste. It can only help your chances.

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