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Danny Trejo Opens a Taco Stand With Good Food and Better Intentions

Machete may not text, but he can cook a mean taco. Danny Trejo—you know him as the tattooed badass from pretty much every Robert Rodriguez movie—has decided to branch out from his acting career and open up a taco stand in Los Angeles. Trejo's Tacos is the brainchild of Trejo, film producer Ash Shah, Jeff Georgino and chef Daniel Mattern, and will be opening its doors next week, according to the Los Angeles Times

While we have more than ample reason to be cynical about celebrities who open restaurants (I can't be the only one to remember Planet Hollywood, can I?), there is one reason that we are firmly behind Trejo's Tacos—each night's leftovers will be donated to the homeless. That sort of selflessness shows us that this isn't just some sort of ego trip for Trejo, it shows that he is making a commitment to lend a helping hand to the neediest in his community. Of course, when we hear about the planned menu we're not sure there is going to be much left over to donate.

With ten different types of tacos on the board Trejo's Tacos are going for inclusivity when it comes to the menu. In addition to traditional fare, there will also be vegan and gluten free options. One of the most mouthwatering options is the fried jidori chicken taco (below) with homemade fermented hot sauce. Seriously, just try to look at that photo below without getting hungry.

Screen shot 2016-01-13 at 4.08.53 PM

You couldn't do it, could you? In addition to the tacos there will be some great side dishes including a shrimp and red snapper ceviche and a street corn recipe Trejo told the Los Angeles Times that he took from his agent Gloria.

So, next time you out in LA head out to Trejo's Tacos to see if Trejo can work those cleavers in the kitchen as well as he handles his machetes while on a quest for revenge. As the menu is still coming together might we suggest a turtle taco inspired by Trejo's turn as Tortuga in Breaking Bad

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